Hey, old man, tired, it’s time to rest – give you Jordan Melo9

Hey, old man, tired, thank you in the basketball court with me to spend the good times, there are laughing regret, you work hard to complete your mission, covered with scars is your honor medal, and now to the retired Time, your successor is a tough soldier (Soldier 10), you can rest assured that rest. This article gave me the most trusted comrades on the pitch – Jordan Melo 9.
The most characteristic of the shape, like your people put it down, hate your people will not see your second eye, said design inspiration from super hero armor and watches.

1. beautiful patent leather, the first beautiful and moving, and now left the traces of the years

2. huge M-type dynamic fly line (Flywire), many shoes in the sea, as long as you see this M, I know you must be. Flywire technology the most successful design, taking into account the practical and aesthetic, flying line will be tightly locked with the boots and feet, wrapped full of.

3. the soles of large pieces of word pattern, has been grinding some flat, as you on the pitch as the gas field, from the fledgling Lengtou young man, gradually by the years polished edges and corners, become hostility is not so heavy The.

4. Side of the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber), the rock lines reflect the role you should have: stability, support, so many years, the only appearance is not change is you.

5. Visible transparent windows through which he can see your inner

6. Famous proof of the door, wonderful little flying man, whether love does not love basketball, basketball gods logo will not be unfamiliar.

7. your own unique totem, a bit aggressive, a bit evil.

8. The little details of the tongue, the middle of thin and hollow, both sides with a small fabric thickening, to ensure that the tongue will not wear a sense of fit.

Solid inside is your surprise to me, but also gave me the absolute confidence in the game over the opponent.
1. thick boots make you look a bit bloated, but this brings the flexibility of the thick and wrapped feel is unparalleled, ankle injury I first wear into the feel from the soft sense of the inner package.

2. Many people do not know, your back palm is equipped with the zoom air thickness is 13-16mm (online check the number, not the actual verification), is nike now all the basketball shoes in the thickest zoom, no one.

Download the air cushion out of the picture, feel the size of this air cushion

3. The front palm of the zoom is fan-shaped, ubiquitous details of the design reflects the designer’s care and thought, for this design praise
One may represent the future, it may be boring dazzle technology, from the late several shoes to the design of the outcome should be a flash in the pan. Actual combat experience is more impact on the start speed, but the floor of the venue feedback is very strong.

4. After the palm of your hand CAGE ZOOM built in Phylon, Phylon materials are secondary foam in the end, light, good elasticity, hardness, density, tension, tear, elongation.

to sum up:

This is my old man Jordan Melo9 external and inner, many aspects are not introduced to the hope that everyone understand. And finally nagging nagging three years of actual combat experience, the landlord height 178cm, weight 78kg, play the main breakthrough, the location point guard. In general this pair of shoes is the best my actual combat shoes, before passing through the lining of the shoes, nike LeBron James9, nike HD series (specific models forgot), nike zoomBB1, Adi’s foot, This pair of shoes is the longest pair of me through, because it is really fit, the reason for retirement because the right rear of the air cushion is completely broken, the aisle has a creak sound, forefoot word pattern also polished , Often skidding. Simply talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this pair of shoes, of course, the advantages and disadvantages are in the peak of this pair of shoes, such as skidding is really not a shoe thing,

1. Break through the first time when the force of the strong feedback, the feeling can be completely made on the force, the texture is not in the slippery time;

2. before and after the palm of the zoom in the landing when the cushion is very good, especially after the palm, there is a clear (cai) red (shi);

3. good wrap, between the shoes and feet without gaps, before the actual combat shoes in high-intensity competition, the feeling of shoes with feet, feet in the shoes there is a slip phenomenon;


1. shoe body support in general, but enough, there are several times the game obviously feel foot to others feet, ankle twist, but relying on the support of the shoe body was not injured; support more than the current warrior 10;

2. After the palm of that transparent small window is very easy to break, my shoes both early on both broken;

3. shoes for the middle of the foot support is not enough, this pair of shoes before and after the zoom between the connection material feel very thin, no james series thick;

4. The permeability of the shoes is poor, in the protection of such a general situation, did not do a good breathability;

5. The front palm of the thick air cushion seriously affect the first step of the start speed, this design is really both advantages and disadvantages;

Written with the sudden discovery of my old man’s shortcomings than the advantages of more than it, and this may be in our lives often complain that this is not good that someone may be your closest to the most trusted people it

Hey, old man, tired, it is time to rest, after all, in the future but also to accompany me to go so long way, through so many things.

And finally to a now live shoes and has been retired old man!