You wear Jordan shoes but you have nothing to do with hiphop

Sneakers Jordan’s back, Jordan coach, Jordan’s triangle attack, Jordan took a few straight, Jordan has several championship rings, and even Jordan who I guess they do not know …

Ok, then we will now start to question, sneaker who really know what is hiphop?

The answer is: you wear Jordan, but you do not have a half hair with hiphop relationship.

Well, what is the most hiphop shoes, what is called super classic

– puma suede

PUMA suede was born in 1968, when the Mexican Olympic Games held in the year, Tommie Smith wearing PUMA Suede to 19.83 seconds to complete the 200-meter sprint, becoming the first to break the 20 seconds record of the Olympic runners.


After the Mexican Olympic Games in 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos held a black glove on the podium to make a silent cry for the black rights movement. This photo was also called: BlackPower.

But few people know that they are wearing a pair of black Puma Suede came to accept the award, another point of view can be seen. The Black Puma Puma comes with a touch of color from the fight.

Puma based on Suede for the New York Knicks NBA star Walt Frazier designed a basketball shoes, named Clyde. This is the 70’s Air jordan, turn the fur material came out directly to a group of people wearing leather shoes into the cock of the influx of silk, Suede fire all over the streets of New York, Cocked to the groundless.

Many wrenches will also use Suede as skateboard shoes.

This is the fire is 40 years, to this day, Suede in the street culture and black culture is still difficult to replace the symbolic meaning, Puma and hip hop singer Meek Mill launched Meek Mill x Puma Suede. Classic shoes is how to change the color for material are worth seeing.

–Adidas superstar

Each great story has a legendary start: in 1924, Germany has a pair of Dassler brothers, operating a year sales of 200,000 pairs of footwear company, but in 1948 because the idea of ​​the two disagreement, brother founded Later Puma, while the younger brother founded adidas. The two also irreconcilable, said the shoe factory where the town, people will be based on your wear Puma or adidas to decide whether to talk to you.

70s of last century, there are two things can be described as dominating the stadium, one is shot to shoot and beat the battle of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the other is the foot of the Jakarta Superstar. The latter was born in 1969, initially designed for basketball, at that time can be described as the most flexibility and protection of the shoes, and therefore popular among the top players, and even the 70’s 75% of the players are wearing Superstar campaign The And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Superstar’s fate, it is continued so far.


Casually rollover RUN-D.M.C. photos, almost all the same way shoes, which has become the hip-hop culture of the standard dress. Idol still so, think about the pursuit of individuality in that era of young people, how can not just around the corner?


If Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Superstar become a unique legendary shoes, then the cooperation with RUN-D.M.C. It turned into a hip-hop culture icon, a challenge to the mainstream, loyalty to the personality of the representative. In all the mainstream aesthetic as the standard 80 years, the pursuit of independent original hip-hop band RUN-D.M.C. May not intend to bow to the public. So they foot was removed from the shoelaces, pulled the tongue after the Superstar, so put on the street, into the studio, boarded the magazine cover, took the tour stage … … when the RUN-DMC achievements Superstar’s unique, Superstar also makes RUN-DMC an idol of an age.


In a concert in 1983, RUN-D.M.C. decided to stand on the authentic street dress stage, challenge the mainstream of the concept of choreography, and Superstar naturally their preferred shoes. It is this wear, so that they become the hearts of fans who dare to challenge the traditional, loyal to the original representatives, to accompany them to complete the national tour Superstar also became the era of “not compliance” representatives. And fans follow the music raised Superstar, has become RUN-D.M.C. Concert of the classic scene.

When someone questioned the original spirit, RUN-D.M.C.’s response is also very interesting, creating a “My adidas” to pay tribute to Superstar, in order to express their own insistence on the original, fearless attitude and determination. Sensitive adidas certainly will not miss the opportunity, then $ 1 million signed RUN-D.M.C., for the introduction of specially designed Ultrastar shoes – this is the first time in the history of hip-hop band and large sports brand cooperation.

When someone questioned the original spirit, RUN-D.M.C.’s response is also very interesting, creating a “My adidas” to pay tribute to Superstar, in order to express their own insistence on the original, fearless attitude and determination. Sensitive adidas certainly will not miss the opportunity, then $ 1 million signed RUN-D.M.C., for the introduction of specially designed Ultrastar shoes – this is the first time in the history of hip-hop band and large sports brand cooperation.

In the “My adidas” 25 anniversary of the 2011, adidas Originals launched a special commemorative edition Superstar 80s, not only will the album cover into the shoes design, but also the symbol of hip-hop culture, RUN-DMC members are always hanging Neck necklace is also put in. In the 80th year of the hip-hop culture, the RUN-DMC was a model of the original and individuality, and Superstar was successful in crossing the stadium, walking into the hip-hop group, following graffiti, music, hip-hop, rap, baseball Hat to challenge the mainstream culture, swift original personality, but also gradually outline the contours of a new generation of influx of people.


Hey, old man, tired, it’s time to rest – give you Jordan Melo9

Hey, old man, tired, thank you in the basketball court with me to spend the good times, there are laughing regret, you work hard to complete your mission, covered with scars is your honor medal, and now to the retired Time, your successor is a tough soldier (Soldier 10), you can rest assured that rest. This article gave me the most trusted comrades on the pitch – Jordan Melo 9.
The most characteristic of the shape, like your people put it down, hate your people will not see your second eye, said design inspiration from super hero armor and watches.

1. beautiful patent leather, the first beautiful and moving, and now left the traces of the years

2. huge M-type dynamic fly line (Flywire), many shoes in the sea, as long as you see this M, I know you must be. Flywire technology the most successful design, taking into account the practical and aesthetic, flying line will be tightly locked with the boots and feet, wrapped full of.

3. the soles of large pieces of word pattern, has been grinding some flat, as you on the pitch as the gas field, from the fledgling Lengtou young man, gradually by the years polished edges and corners, become hostility is not so heavy The.

4. Side of the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber), the rock lines reflect the role you should have: stability, support, so many years, the only appearance is not change is you.

5. Visible transparent windows through which he can see your inner

6. Famous proof of the door, wonderful little flying man, whether love does not love basketball, basketball gods logo will not be unfamiliar.

7. your own unique totem, a bit aggressive, a bit evil.

8. The little details of the tongue, the middle of thin and hollow, both sides with a small fabric thickening, to ensure that the tongue will not wear a sense of fit.

Solid inside is your surprise to me, but also gave me the absolute confidence in the game over the opponent.
1. thick boots make you look a bit bloated, but this brings the flexibility of the thick and wrapped feel is unparalleled, ankle injury I first wear into the feel from the soft sense of the inner package.

2. Many people do not know, your back palm is equipped with the zoom air thickness is 13-16mm (online check the number, not the actual verification), is nike now all the basketball shoes in the thickest zoom, no one.

Download the air cushion out of the picture, feel the size of this air cushion

3. The front palm of the zoom is fan-shaped, ubiquitous details of the design reflects the designer’s care and thought, for this design praise
One may represent the future, it may be boring dazzle technology, from the late several shoes to the design of the outcome should be a flash in the pan. Actual combat experience is more impact on the start speed, but the floor of the venue feedback is very strong.

4. After the palm of your hand CAGE ZOOM built in Phylon, Phylon materials are secondary foam in the end, light, good elasticity, hardness, density, tension, tear, elongation.

to sum up:

This is my old man Jordan Melo9 external and inner, many aspects are not introduced to the hope that everyone understand. And finally nagging nagging three years of actual combat experience, the landlord height 178cm, weight 78kg, play the main breakthrough, the location point guard. In general this pair of shoes is the best my actual combat shoes, before passing through the lining of the shoes, nike LeBron James9, nike HD series (specific models forgot), nike zoomBB1, Adi’s foot, This pair of shoes is the longest pair of me through, because it is really fit, the reason for retirement because the right rear of the air cushion is completely broken, the aisle has a creak sound, forefoot word pattern also polished , Often skidding. Simply talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this pair of shoes, of course, the advantages and disadvantages are in the peak of this pair of shoes, such as skidding is really not a shoe thing,

1. Break through the first time when the force of the strong feedback, the feeling can be completely made on the force, the texture is not in the slippery time;

2. before and after the palm of the zoom in the landing when the cushion is very good, especially after the palm, there is a clear (cai) red (shi);

3. good wrap, between the shoes and feet without gaps, before the actual combat shoes in high-intensity competition, the feeling of shoes with feet, feet in the shoes there is a slip phenomenon;


1. shoe body support in general, but enough, there are several times the game obviously feel foot to others feet, ankle twist, but relying on the support of the shoe body was not injured; support more than the current warrior 10;

2. After the palm of that transparent small window is very easy to break, my shoes both early on both broken;

3. shoes for the middle of the foot support is not enough, this pair of shoes before and after the zoom between the connection material feel very thin, no james series thick;

4. The permeability of the shoes is poor, in the protection of such a general situation, did not do a good breathability;

5. The front palm of the thick air cushion seriously affect the first step of the start speed, this design is really both advantages and disadvantages;

Written with the sudden discovery of my old man’s shortcomings than the advantages of more than it, and this may be in our lives often complain that this is not good that someone may be your closest to the most trusted people it

Hey, old man, tired, it is time to rest, after all, in the future but also to accompany me to go so long way, through so many things.

And finally to a now live shoes and has been retired old man!

Do not buy Air Jordan 11 Space jam if you don’t know these!

As the finale of 2016’s debut of your devil, this pair of blue and black colour Air Jordna 11 as well as the Bulls traditional jersey will not match, but because Jordan starred in Warner animated film “air dunk”, by the world Sneakerhead provided A new name “Space Jam”.

When it can be about to return to our side, additionally to Jordan kiss # 45 PE modeled, the following tiny particulars in the specifics may be you might be interested and need to know.

1, “space jam” isn’t the very first year of your very first colour

Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” Even though Jordan in 1995 after the very first comeback, against the Magic group within the game, and within the subsequent year’s “big slam dunk” movie strong eye. But you know it, it really is the very first time the marketplace is Air Jordan11 initially large-scale re-engraved in 2000.

In 2000, “Big Dunk” 1st readily available, the usage of silver stripes head shoebox, precisely the same stage debut Air Jordan15, Air Jordan16 are also utilized in such packaging. And for the 1st time in 2009 when the re-engraved, Jordan Brand is for Air Jordan11 such a huge devil player specially made a much more luxurious drawer-type exclusive shoebox.

2000 OG vs 2009 Retro

And definitely in 1996, the first three colors are: black and white “Concord”, black and red “Bred” and the All-Star game with “Columbia”.

2, patent leather closer to OG

This time 2016 debut of the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” patent leather location than our common Air Jordan11 has enhanced, definitely looked at some not used to. But it is undeniable that that is certainly loyal towards the efficiency from the very first year.

The left side from the figure for the upcoming two of this year’s 2016 large dunk, the middle from the appropriate a single for the very first time in 2000 OG version of the industry, essentially the most suitable for the 2009 re-engraved version. From the small mark mark the distance, this year’s re-engraved big dunk in the distance closer for the beginning OG version.

2016 vs 2000 OG vs 2009 Retro

three, tongue around the font there are actually three versions

As all of us know, Air Jordan 11 tongue around the abstract language may be the need to appear vertical and horizontal, should you usually do not have an understanding of the mystery, are going to be confused.

And these fonts also evolved together with the passage of time, within the 2000 Sample for the “SPACE JAM”; 2000 commercial version changed to “JUMPMAN JAM”; plus the most current 2009 re-engraved version with other colour uniform , All to “JUMPMAN JORDAN” show folks.

2000 Sample vs 2000 OG vs 2009 (2016) Retro

four, soles flying colour is unique Air Jordan 11 called the basketball footwear in the art, inside the soles in the particulars from the exact same colour. Having a transparent crystal in the end on the cover, the soles in the feet design a “jump people” logo, 2009 engraved version on the dark blue rendering, plus the very first year of the version on the white trapeze logo show individuals.

2000 OG vs 2009 Retro

The 2016 Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” would be the similar as the OG version and will be unveiled by the White Trapeze logo.

five, the upper trapeze logo return orthodox inside the upper in the “Jumpman” towards the debut this year, the version is consistent using the 1st year version of your feet outside the foot for the front in the leap forward, and 2009 re-engraved version on the left and correct direction Various.

2000 OG vs 2009 Retro

2009 Retro vs 2016 Retro

6, # 45 followed by a different version from the heel

This year’s re-engraved debut in the massive dunk, the most significant bright spot is followed by embroidery # 45 number.

And # 45 previously released two versions. One particular would be to return following the MJ, 1995 stadium kissing the horizontal # 45 PE; Second, in the initial re-engraved to create the 2000 Sample, utilizing vertical # 45 show persons, and inside the final version of your market is unified Modify to vertical # 23.

1995 Air Jordan 11 # 45 PE vs 2000 Air jordan 11 “Space Jam” Sample

2000 OG & 2009 Retro

7, the wrong version of your shoebox to become a hot collection

Yes, you will be not wrong! The footwear shown within the shoe box marked AIR JORDNA isn’t FAKE, but inside the production process caused by printing errors. And this batch of wrong shoe only less than 2000 pairs, which has become a collector in the eyes on the special “limited edition”, start the difficulty can be imagined.

8, Air Jordan Saturday sale reasons

Within the year 2000, Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” was released for the very first time, the date of sale as Wednesday, December 13, because the class is still within the class and participate within the examination with the students are running to row shoes, which caused the parents of angry complaints, Resulting in Jordan Brand decided to post the date of sale are scheduled for the rest with the Saturday, so as not to students and office workers caused unnecessary trouble.

9, Air Jordan11 caused by the tragedy

Air Jordan 11 as one particular on the most popular Air Jordan footwear, each sale will inevitably lead to thousands of empty way to buy scenes. Unfortunately, due to the reasons for the lack of shoes and safety supervision from the negligence, each time the Air Jordan 11 sale more or less will lead for the emergence of violence.

10, the footwear within the eggs

This time 2016 Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” special shoebox, presumably we have already seen nausea, tiny series on a map with.

And here want to say is in recent years, the shoe box has been extended transparent cover, not only effective isolation of patent leather upper adhering to dust, huge yin and yang “XI” brings extra unique visual effects, along with the above three lines usually do not know Did you notice that?

Perhaps throw away the shoes themselves, it is actually the meaning with the meaning of your most touched by the move, but also let us feel so drunk it.

Knowledge of Air Jordan,The most worthy of the collection of 20 pairs of Air Jordan shoes

First you are a shoe collector. Very good, then you must have a lot of AJ is on behalf of the shoes. You are looking for many rare versions to complete your collection, fill your shoe, your underground warehouse and your big warehouse. Now you have two ways to accomplish your dream: 1 Search for the type of AJ on EBAY and start with the highest price shoes; 2 You can get information by browsing this article. If you are not a shoe collector, I can understand that you will not be interested in this article

20.Air Jordan V “BIN23”
Published: 2011
AJ5 is not BIN 23’s first Jordan series, but it is BIN23 series in the only Jordan game through the shoes. The theory of AJ are on behalf of Jordan should be wearing the game.

19.Air Jordan XX3 “Titanium”
Published: 2008
XX3 the first sale of color, but also opened the AJ is the first 23rd door. Limited to 1000 pairs, while MJ University North Carolina University color, which is Jordan retired before the season’s most classic shoes.

18.Air Jordan IV “MOTORSPORTS”
Published: 2007
AJ6 MOTORSPORTS open sale, AJ5 AJ4 also launched the color of the family series. North Carolina AJ5 is very beautiful, but AJ4 is the family of the most beautiful pair, it is a bit like AJ4 TRUE BLUE

17.Air Jordan X “CITY SERIES”
Published: 1995
In 1995, the AJ10 City Set was released, and it was intended to pass the first retired MJ stadium to other players in other cities and to continue. Seattle’s Kendall Gill, Magic Nick Anderson, New York’s Hubert Davis, and King’s Richmond, as well as Chicago Pippen, are wearing the city’s version of the shoe. There are many collectors with one or two versions, and few people have collected all the versions.

16.Air Jordan XX1 SE “SLAM 100”
Published: 2011
Jordan Brand in 2006 when the “SLAM” magazine has produced only 100 pairs of limited edition Air Jordan XXI PE. Shoes with gray and orange color, embroidered in the heel on the “SLAM 100” words, indicating that this is “SLAM” magazine will be 100 pairs of Air Jordan XXI PE presented to the magazine’s lucky readers. But it is fortunate that this 100 pairs of Air Jordan XXI PE now have come up with 23 pairs (pretty good, not what?) On eBay sale, it is said there are less than 50 pairs still in the “SLAM” magazine, but There are some do not know whereabouts.

15.Air Jordan II
Published: 1987
Air Jordan II was first released in 1987, at the beginning of the release even without a proper color. The original year of this shoe is produced by the Italian, with the wings of the shoe shape. You can not find a pair of this can be the first year of the shoes, but it is indeed worth a collection of a.

14.Air Jordan 1 KO
Published: 1985
30 years after the release of this shoe, people still on the meaning of the representative of KO has been controversial. But no matter what it means (Knockout, knockoff or other meaning) This is a very classic shoes, although the shoes released in 1985 can wear, but recently ushered in a re-engraved.

13.Air Jordan III “Oregon Ducks”
Published: 2012
As one of the co-founders of Nike, Phil Knight has a deep affection for his alma mater at the University of Oregon and has repeatedly launched the Lunar TR1 +, Vapor Talon Elite Low, rugby jerseys for alma mater’s team Oregon Ducks Goods. This set of Oregon Ducks x Air Jordan III & IV internal style, you can see the shoes according to Oregon Ducks yellow and white three-color depth of the custom, quite the characteristics of the team. This three pairs of shoes only in the Nike internal circulation, not listed sales, rare degree can be imagined.

12.Air Jordan VII “Olympics”
Published: 1992

In the dream team set out in Barcelona, ​​MJ’s reputation has long been offshore. The 1992 Olympic Games will be the eyes of the heroic image into a fact, not just before the fame. While Stockton led the family to visit the city and Barkley’s night market, MJ did not enjoy this tranquility. Although AJ7 has been engraved many times, but there is no the first year of the classic.

11.Eminem Air Jordan IV
Published: 2005
This Detroit color-based AJ4 shoes only for the ruffian Eminem and his friends made 50 pairs, is to celebrate his “Encoe” album out.

10.Air Jordan III
In addition to AJ1, there is no pair of shoes have AJ3 Jordan brand to do a great contribution. There is a story often said, Tinker Hartfield was at the time of the independent proposed to the star signed, rather than in the shoes to add a signature, this innovation changed the relationship between the manufacturers and players. At that time MJ is not satisfied with Nike, brand, was very eager to join him alone can not create shoes manufacturers. AJ3 any color is the shoes of the market epoch-making classic.

9.Air Jordan I “White / Black / Red”
Published: 1985
This black and white red color AJ1 may not be all shoes sold by the pressure of the largest one, after all, it is not prohibited in the field wearing, you can be sure that it is not the most rare one, but there is no doubt that It is Mike85 watch the sky the most crowded. It is precisely because of this, it is a pair of memorable classic shoes. MJ in the regular season wearing this shoe, but also in the All-Star also brought him, and even in the 1986 playoffs he put on this shoe up the Celtics under the arm of 63 points.

8.Air Jordan I Low
Published: 1985
There will always be a lot of colors in AJ’s original release, many of which are not even officially recorded, and can only be found on BOON’s old log board. AJ1 Low to be simple, you can use any color to match, Nike has recently launched a lot of AJ1LOW color, but to find the real 1985 year color is not easy, need some real effort.

7.Any Pre-96 Air Jordan PE
Published: 1985-1996
In MJ1998 first retired before, only a few NBA players to enjoy the Jordan brand for its launch of the PE version. In addition to AJ10 city suit, there are BJArmstrong, Latrell Sprewell, Penny Hardaway There are a few players who have the honor to get MJ shoes in the MJ first retired period. These shoes are now hard to find.

6.Air Jordan 1 “Black / Red”
Published: 1985
This is a pair of NIKE Genesis shoes, black and red box on the AJ1 black and red. Any Jordan shoes collectors should have such a pair of shoes. Its meaning does not need to repeat.

5.UNDFTD Air Jordan IV
Published: 2005
We all know, re-engraved shoes released when the ticket section of the headache, let it go to hell. AJ4 UNDFTD no longer re-engraved version of the sale. UNDFTD cooperation with this air jacket as the inspiration of the theme can be said to be one of the world’s most sought-after shoes, only 72 pairs in circulation, if you have a pair, then you are so lucky.

4.Any Kobe Jordan PE
Published: 2003
When Bryant in 2003 in the case of shoes for the implementation of the free agent of the situation, the Jordan brand for the Lakers star launched a variety of purple shoes PE, including III, VII, VIII. Now to find such a pair of shoes you have to spend at least Month time, but still very worthwhile.

3.Any preproduction or weartest Sample
Published: 1985-2013
This list is likely to be on sale or become PE shoes, we are now this type of shoes are ranked here. These are very rare AJ, if you are lucky enough to be able to buy at EBAY, or get these shoes through Beaverton’s friends.

2.Air Jordan XI “45” Sample
Published: 1995
It sounds very interesting, when Jordan put on No. 45 jersey, it seems good luck and goodbye. He was in the Madison Garden under the 55 points is wearing AJX Chicago, he was wearing the No. 45 jersey and AJ11 in the playoffs only won a series. In the second round of the Orlando Magic game, he re-wear the No. 23 jersey, the results appear in his first defeat since 1991. AJ11 45 is the most coveted of all Jordan shoes, very rare, worth collecting.

1.Any Jordan Worn By Micheal Jordan in a Game
Published: 1985-1998
If you add a pair of shoes in your collection list. Then MJ in the Wizards era through the AJ3 TRUEBLUE is so cool, there are 85 years through his AJ1. If you can get the last pair of all-star boots he wore, then you will be the king of the king of the shoes, or you are Spike Lee.

Whether it is a collector or a real faction, this paste is very meaningful, before the purchase area to find AJ8 KOBE color, I would like to say that this shoe is scarce, need to find their own, rather than waiting for shoes, Get your mouse to search for it

Eternal Flight — Air Jordan 4 full record

We should be able to see my preference for Air Jordan 4, this pair of shoes regardless of what color is also I think the current market is the most easy with the AJ, the emergence of these shoes also marks the Flight series of birth and growth, the achievements of the light Quantify the idea of ​​basketball shoes This affects the development of basketball shoes for nearly 30 years in the right direction.

Air Jordan 4 was first sold in 1989

At that time the sale of a total of four color

The first re – engraved on the tenth anniversary of the Air Jordan.

02. After a year after another re-engraved, until 04 to 06 ushered in a re-engraved peak;

After two years, the number of cars in the AJ series has become more and more important.

Air Jordan series of each pair of shoes have been loaded into the history of basketball shoes, has become a classic, but then a great series of products is not born from the beginning to have their own series of signs, Air Jordan series is no exception, if the initial The Air Jordan series more like a dancing guns to get the fancy gimmick, then from the Air Jordan 4 began, the whole series finally has a real soul.

Air Jordan 4 appeared, the first clear Air Jordan series will be synchronized with the Flight series, learn from each other, but also for the first time put forward the concept of defender basketball shoes.

In the era of the dominant basketball shoes market, the new Flight series is weak, Flight symbolizes the flight, the use of Flight series are some of the fly over the work of the flight, those who have excellent bounce players known as Flight , They are often able to bring the most wonderful performances, is the most popular characters on the basketball court;

And Jordan is the representative of this player, so the 1989 launch of the Air Jordan 4 and the same year launched the Air Flight 89 became the first to use the Flight logo two pairs of shoes, the emergence of these two pairs of shoes also indicates the birth of the Flight series.

Although Air Jordan 4 is by far the only pair of Flight number appeared Air Jordan basketball shoes, but the Flight series of design ideas are folded into the Air Jordan series of design, which also makes the Air Jordan series toward the lightweight And the direction of the development of speed, this always flying spirit has been deeply integrated into the Air Jordan series of soul, it can be said Air Jordan 4 like the Air Jordan series of a rebirth, or is a Nirvana.

Item No .: 4362
Color: White / Black
Release date: 1989

Item: 4363
Color: Black / Cement Gray
Release date: 1989

Air Jordan IV ‘Fire Red’

Item: 4364
Color: White / Fire Red-Black
Release date: 1989

Air Jordan IV ‘Military Blue’

Item No .: 4369
Color: Off White / Military Blue
Release date: 1989

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item: 136013-001
Color: Black / Cement Gray
Release date: 05/05/1999

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item: 136013-101
Color: White / Black
Release date: 06/02/1999

Air Jordan IV Retro + ‘Columbia’

Item: 136030-141
Color: White / Columbia Blue-Midnight Navy
Release date: 08/21/1999

Air Jordan IV Retro + ‘Oreo’

Item: 136030-001
Color: Black / Black-Cool Gray
Release date: 11/27/1999

Air Jordan IV Retro + ‘Bling, Bling’

Item: 136030-111
Color: White / White-Chrome
Release date: 04/29/2000

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item: 308497-101
Color: White / Chrome-Classic Green
Release date: 07/24/2004

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Cool Gray’

Item No: 308497-001
Color: Cool Gray / Chrome-Dark Charcoal-Varsity Maize
Release date: 09/25/2004

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Laser’

Item: 308497-161
Color: White / Varsity Red-Black
Release date: 05/14/2005

Air Jordan 4 Retro Rare Air ‘Laser’

Item no .: 312255-061
Color: Black / Varsity Red-Medium Gray
Release date: 08/20/2005

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Tour Yellow’

Item No .: 314254-171
Color: White / Tour Yellow-Dark Blue Gray-Black
Release date: 05/20/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Black Cat’

Item: 308497-002
Color: Black / Black-Light Graphite
Release date: 05/20/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Pure $’

Item: 308497-102
Color: White / Metallic Silver
Release date: 05/20/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Mist Blue’

Item No .: 314254-041
Color: Mist Blue / University Blue-Gold Leaf-White
Release date: 06/24/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Mars’

Item No: 308497-162
Color: White / Varsity Red-Black
Release date: 07/22/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro Women’s

Item: 313559-142
Color: White / Boarder Blue-Light Sand
Release date: 07/22/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Thunder’

Item No .: 314254-071
Color: Black / Tour Yellow-White
Release date: 08/23/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Lightning’

Item No .: 314254-702
Color: Tour Yellow / Dark Blue-Gray-White
Release date: 08/23/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Blue’

Item No: 308497-141
Color: Off White / Military Blue-Neutral Gray
Release date: 09/09/2006

Air Jordan 4 Retro Collezione ‘CDP’

Item: 308497-003
Color: Black / Cement Gray-Fire Red
Release date: 07/19/2008

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Silver Anniversary’

Stye Code: 408202-101
Color: White / Metallic Silver
Release date: 03/27/2010

Air Jordan 4 Retro DB ‘Doernbecher’

Item: 308497-015
Color: Black / Old Royal-Electric Green-White
Release date: 11/05/2011

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item No: 308497-103
Color: White / Black-Cement Gray
Release date: 02/18/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Cavs’

Item: 308497-027
Color: Black / Safety Orange-Game Royal
Release date: 05/12/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Blue’

Item: 308497-105
Color: White / Neutral Gray-Military Blue
Release date: 06/09/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Quai54’

Item: 308497-105
Color: White / Neutral Gray-Military Blue
Release date: 07/01/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Fire Red’

Item: 308497-110
Color: White / Varsity Red-Black
Release date: 08/04/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item: 308497-089
Color: Black / Varsity Red-Cement Gray
Release date: 11/23/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Thunder’

Item: 308497-008
Color: Black / White-Tour Yellow
Release date: 12/22/2012

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Toro Bravo’

Item No: 308497-603
Color: Fire Red / White-Black-Cement Gray
Release date: 07/13/2013

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Green Glow’

Item: 308497-033
Color: Dark Gray / Green Glow-Cemen Gray-Black
Release date: 08/17/2013

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Fear’

Item: 626969-030
Color: Black / White-Cool Gray-Pure Platinum
Release date: 08/24/2013

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Columbia’

Item No .: 314254-107
Color: White / Legend Blue-Midnight Navy
Release date: 01/10/2015

Air Jordan 4 Retro LS ‘Oreo’

Item No .: 314254-003
Color: Black / Black-Tech Gray
Release date: 02/21/2015

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Item No .: 705330-330
Color: Teal / White-Black-Retro
Release date: 03/14/2015

Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser ‘Silver’

Item: 705333-105
Color: White / Chrome-Metallic Silver
Release date: 03/21/2015

Air Jordan 11Lab4 ‘Black’

Item No .: 719864-010
Color: Black / White
Release date: 04/25/2015

Air Jordan 11Lab4 ‘Red’

Item No .: 719864-600
Color: University Red / White
Release date: 07/11/2015

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Alternate’ 89 ‘

Item: 308497-106
Color: White / Black-Gym Red
Release date: 01/02/2016

5 super nice color of Air Jordan 11 must be bought,without Bred

Accompanied by Michael Jordan first return, his foot at the foot of the Air Jordan 11 footwear became the most shining concentrate!
Want me to say, I will say it’s the very best basketball footwear in the history of certainly one of essentially the most notion of ??the design! 2001 Jordan inside the Wizards and Magic inside a standard season wearing air jordan 11 cool gray, as Adi players Tracy McGrady, in fact within the field when the bit to ask for this shoe, we can see this transparent soles,
fake jordan 11 appeared plenty of colour and style, we usually do not say nowadays Concord, usually do not say Bred, do not say Columbia Blue.
If you’d like to become various, these replica jordan 11 colour is a will have to.
Air Jordan 11 Low GS “Citrus”

Very simple two-color match, displaying filled with vitality and youthful style, white shoe body to orange outsole lining, contrast effect will additional push the vitality index, plus the all round harmonious dress can be a great decision for wild.

So where will be the orange manage? I mentioned it can be by far the most appropriate for soft sister wearing knockoff jordans, and refused to argue.

Though it truly is GS version, however the size limit is going to be to US9.five, that is, 43 yards, men wear fans mistakenly.

Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” overall application of a low-key calm gamma blue color, shoes, black and blue with, decorated with golden information, the use of gamma blue crystal outsole.

And also the use of a series of classic drawer shoe box.

Low-key calm but but remarkable, this gamma blue Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” in a exclusive gesture to reproduce the classic Air Jordan 11.

Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue”

Legendary blue colour Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” in the detonation with the shoe market place in the exact same time, but also let Nike earn pours.

According to SportScanInfo statistics, about 50 million pairs of Air Jordan 11 legendary blue by means of a number of channels sold in the world, received a total of more than 80 million US dollars in sales.

Legendary blue fresh feeling is very desirable, even within the winter wear, step around the snow is another expertise.

Air Jordan 11 “Cool Gray” sold that year, in the Usa Milwaukee regional Foot Locker, simply because of snapping the shooting incident, died.

Can see this colour in the super common.

2001 Jordan inside the Wizards and Magic in a standard season wearing this section of color, as Adi players Tracy McGrady, truly on the field when asked for this shoe to Jordan, Jordan took off his footwear after the game and signed a man named Sent to the magic locker space to McGrady.

Air Jordan 11 Low “Green Snake”

Green Snake Snake Skin Dress Air Jordan 11 Low “Green Snake”, the physique of your body by the yellow-green serpentine material and black mesh stitching together, with white ultimately and crystal outsole, pretty fresh.

Legend is not profane –Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue

Legend is not profane –Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue

We have to say that this pair of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue past life it, this pair of shoes past life name is: Air Jordan 11 Columbia, right, is the 1996 All-Star Game Jordan god kiss the pair, that is Then grabbed the head of the blood only bad couple of Air Jordan 11 Columbia, then this pair of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue is how is it?

Accurately said Jordan Brand played a word game, Jumpman Logo changed a direction, some small details changed to a new color on the change, this is not Jordan Brand for the future belongs to the Remastered series Air Jordan 11 Columbia let the way But this pair of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue is indeed the classic Air Jordan 11 Columbia’s own son no doubt.

The end of the year before the end of the sale of the legendary blue color Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” re-appearance, in the United States of America ushered in the replenishment of the sale, do not know the small partners in the United States have a smooth start?

It seems legendary blue color there is a certain inventory has not been digested, and the origin of China will usher in replenishment it? I am afraid that a lot of shoes fans look forward to friends!

To bring you a small video, the 1996 All-Star Game Bangzhu and his Air Jordan 11 Columbia stunning performance, and see Jordan Lahadavi pants that I was drunk, after pulling Hardaway began slowly Injury constantly ah. The The
It is well known that Air Jordan 11 Columbia has been engraved in 2001, is also grab a mess, how to re-engraved this year to sell on parity? Here I found a group of three pairs of shoes comparison chart, we look at the three pairs of shoes in the end what is the difference, Jordan Brand in the end there is no black our money.

From left to right for the latest Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue, 2001 engraved Air Jordan 11 Columbia and the first year Air Jordan 11 Columbia

Now it is Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue just when the sale of the current domestic market can buy this pair of cheap basketball shoes, although the oxidation of yellow is its largest Teijin, but I think no one can resist it to wear feet The temptation to like it now do not hesitate to start it